10 unbelievable reasons why you should be using massage chairs

Since centuries, man has been busy in making new innovations to make his life comfortable. Life of today’s man is changing at a rapid rate due to these innovations. Newer inventions, newer techniques, newer modifications; all such things keep on happening in our daily lives. Previously, man used to go to spa for body massages on regular intervals, but now one thinks; wouldn’t it be better to get the massage at my own home? Wouldn’t it save me a lot of time and money if I practice it at home? Shouldn’t I see for a much better alternative in the form of a massage chair? Thanks to the invention of these chairs; which have aided much to the comfort of mankind.

10 reasons, why everyone should have massage chairs:

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Why not learn about Massage chairs can be beneficial to us in variety of ways such as:

  1. Getting massage through these chairs isn’t different from the customary massage which one gets from some spa. It helps you in offering mental relaxation and comfort in the same way as it is offered by traditional massage.
  2. Massage chairs are considered as one of the best inventions these days as it highly benefits the man by managing the blood circulation, improving the immune system and getting mental relaxation.
  3. One can save too much time if he owns his own massage therapy because he wouldn’t have to go in search of some therapist to get his massage, and he can easily get it at his home if he owns a chair.
  4. Some jobs are quiet demanding and hectic and one needs ample amount of mental relaxation and stress free time so that he can fully focus upon his job. For that purpose, you can always keep your massage chair at the office and undergo the therapy once you get some free time.
  5. It is better to consume $200 to $800 just once by buying a massage chair for your personal use, rather than wasting too much on getting the same therapy by going somewhere else and paying every time for it, which would cost you a lot of money. Thus having your own chair is a much better cost effective option.
  6. Having an own chair would make you independent and you are free to take massage whenever you want. One wouldn’t be bound to go the therapist at some specific time. You are no more time bound and you can use it whatever time suits you.
  7. Getting massage at some clinic is always time bound. The therapy has to be stopped after some time even if you aren’t fully relaxed; but if you have your own massage chair than you can use it according to your will till the time you want it, until you are do not feel fully relaxed and comfortable
  8. Some people do not like to live and work in the company of others. They always want to be independent. Having your own massage chair at the home would prevent you to indulge in conversation with spas and other people at the clinic thus you will feel independent, comfortable and away from the strangers.
  9. You can always choose your own location where you want to keep the chair depending upon the setting of your room, plus you can always shift it to a newer place if you like.
  10. You don’t need to go to the clinic, sit among different kind of people and wait for your turn. Going into the public clinics would always keep you at risk of getting some disease from other people but if you owe your own massage chair then you need to go to such clinics thus helping your health.

Why not see how to give a massage?

Learn Why Protein is so Important to properly Build Muscle

well-developed muscle Protein is made of amino acids which are essential for building muscles. It also helps to prevent the loss of muscle mass when you exercise. Getting a sufficient amount in your daily diet is essential for a workout and muscle growth.

Without the amino acids you won’t be able to build up your muscles, repair them, or maintain them. Having a sufficient amount is essential to being in an anabolic state. Being in this state helps when you’re working out to strengthen your muscles. Protein is one of the slowest items to be digested. This makes it easier to use as energy instead of when you’re in a catatonic state, where your body uses the muscle tissue as energy instead. This will only hinder the muscle mass you’re trying to build up. Consuming about 40 grams in each meal is a great amount to keep you healed up and will help you recover after a workout. Although there is not enough research to say how much should be consumed, this is a great place to start. Depending on how it is prepared depends on how it is digested.

Since there is no real amount to overdose on in reality you can consume as much protein as you want. However, since it is a slow agent in digestion it is recommended not to consume more grams than your own body weight. For example, if you weigh 180 pounds then you shouldn’t consume more than 180 grams.

There are several places to get it from including foods and powders. These include, eggs, fish, beef, poultry, milk, and soy. There are also several types of powders out there in varying flavors, including whey and soy. No matter where you get it, it helps build up muscle.

Protein shakes as a healthy meal replacement

If you really want to lose weight then protein shakes seems most appealing. You don’t need to starve instead you will get healthier by this process as it gives your stomach a sense of fullness. It balances your blood sugar level and provides your body with energy and all the essential nutrients which you need.

There are some objections like some people think that it is less healthy to replace your meal with protein shakes as it contains fewer nutrients. But you can accomplish it by adding additional vitamins and minerals. It is proven that a person who replaces its meal with a protein shake can easily lose weight than a person without replacement.

Different researches have shown that only reducing calorie intake doesn’t work, a person can more easily reduces his weight by taking protein supplements as it makes your body feel fuller without taking much calories.

protein shakesIt is an effective method, burning more calories than consuming by reducing calorie intake, then increasing your physical activity. As shakes have fewer calories than full meal so, you can lose weight easily by this replacement method. You can lose 1 pound a day by reducing amount of calorie intake 500 less than you usually take by replacing meal with healthy protein shakes for ladies or guys. It’s not a biggie and this kind of shake can help you provide your body with necessary vitamins.


Calories needed in a protein shake:

As your meal is full of calories, carbohydrates, proteins and vitamin and you are going to replace your meal, so you need a protein shake having enough calories to keep you healthy until your next meal. Your protein shake contains 300 to 400 calories.

Meal replacement:

If you want an effective weight loss then replace your two meals by protein shakes in a day. It will give you good results as you was expecting.

Choosing your protein:

Choosing pure proteins are the best option like whey protein, soy protein or egg white protein as it contains naturally occurring minerals and vitamins in it and it fulfills and balance requirements of your body.

Whey proteins:

It has very low carbohydrates and 130 calories. It is lactose and fat free, can digest easily.

Milk protein:

Milk will make you feel fullness as it has slow digestion.

Egg protein:

A person who has milk allergies can take it as a good source of protein.

Choosing your liquid:

You can choose water, almond milk, goat or cow milk as it depends on your taste. Avoid to adding sweetener or fruit juice as it increases sugar and calorie content.

For maximum weight lose keep in mind:

  • Don’t replace your meal more than two times.
  • Protein shake must contain at least 200 calories.
  • Add some additional fibers and vitamins to meet essential nutrients.
  • Take a drink when it will be convenient as when you missed any meal.
  • Avoid shakes with added sugar.
  • When you feel your blood sugar level drops then don’t eat starchy carbohydrate rather take a drink as it balance your blood sugar level.
  • Avoid calorie rich ingredients, stuffed in your shakes.


An embellished massaging table with extraordinary characteristics

best massage table by sierra

World’s top massage table

Sometimes you just need to make yourself comfortable by means of practical objects like a comb, a hand massage therapy, or an air-cooled room. However, the part massage therapy asks for a lot of measures and a lot of considerations, if that literally is a therapy of worth from toe to head. However, a massaging table might be very helpful in such cases so that each and every part of the therapy goes the right direction, isn’t it? Best Massage provides you with a 2” pad folding portable massage table for the sake of your pain and stress relief sake.

Below are some extraordinary features:

• This product comes along with a Birch Hardwood construction, yet it is very rugged and comfortable due to there is a complete 2” thick foam coating all over its lid. The person engaged in massage therapy won’t feel any pain or tickle because it is as silky as cotton.
• It comes with absolute different color: Burgundy. This is literally a rare color; in cases of massage tables especially.
• The most promising and exquisite fact of this portable table is that, it has a height adjustable function beneath its lid allowing the therapist to move as per his/her discretion.
• This product doesn’t come along but with premium carry case & adjustable face cradle which is also removable.

This massage table is literally a strong one that is highly elastic; therefore you need not to worry about its alignment and adjustment that much. It can go with variable weights in time of massaging at all its feet. Moreover, round shaped bolster at the head end allows for the perfect body alignment while it also supports head very smoothly and cozily. This table measures 72” in length, 27” in width and 26-36” in adjustable height.

Best Massage Chair – Effective and Portable Solution

best massage chairRelaxation is certainly one of the vital needs of human being, especially for those people who passes their days through loads of working hurdles, tensions of working and contracts, health and fitness workouts etc. Don’t they need a leisure time to pass in a very comfortable position for sometime? They do deserve for the sake of being sound for good. However, we shall take one of the best massage chairs into account so that we might peer into relaxation methods for a while. There are hundreds of objects available in this modern era of civilization markets. Among hundreds of them, we are to talk about Premium BestMassage (model number- BM-C88-Black), one of the best out there in the market yet technically effective.

Best Chair for Massage Therapy

This product is smeared with 100% ultra soft PU surface that allows it user fullest comfy with utmost satisfaction.
The seat is adjustable to the correct position fitting the body curves and alignments correctly and calculatedly. This is one of the vital prerequisites for a perfect kneading on human body.

Dimensions of the chair

This product measures exactly 29” in length, 48” in height and 18” in width. Also, it weighs only 38 pounds, yet is capable of handling load much greater than its own. This avows that almost all the average heighted and weighed persons are eligible for this product.

You can easily adjust the headrest as per your convenience of operation and lock it in the exact place. Therefore you can feel the utmost pleasure of relaxation without any doubt.

Highly recommended massage equipment

In Amazon, this product comes up with a price of only $43 (shipping charges extra). We bet that you cannot find such personal therapist of your own in the parlors or via any other medium. In order to get a time free of pain and distress, why bother with such less amount for the sake of utmost relief in a very short time?