Our Story

Why The Vegan Sprout.

We all have our journeys; mine was no different to most people. An omnivore, raised not to question how the animals got on our plate. You just bought from the store, cook it and presto, food was ready. There was no thought given to any of my meals, let alone where it came from. And so, life continued on like this for some time.

Some time ago I met a beautiful woman, she was a nurse. We were crazy about each other. Everything was wonderful.  Again, life continued on like this for some time. I then found out I had cancer.  We battled it and won....Woo hoo!

I took a look at my life and decided that the time I had on this planet I would do some good, or possibly great. I reflected on the world and saw that the best possible version of me was VEGAN.

My wife was so proud of me; she had been vegan from a very young age.

Two vegan kids later, here we are. A vegan website with a link to a charity helping abused animals.

Join our cause, be the best you. Be vegan and help us save the ones without voices.